Auditing week 52 + a few days of 53..ish

01 Jan

Weekly audits will be every Saturday (bad move to have them on wednesdays), and will be performed by analyzing TSM_Accounting with a 7 day filter. We will look at top sellers, and other interesting anomalies and outliers.
In the spirit of new year and blog-launch, let’s take a look at week 52 + the last few days.

Mental notes for week 52:

  • New scheme discovered and implemented, the disenchant search shuffle.
  • Christmas-time, increased farming and casual activities result in lower price on raw materials. I have done some heavy stockpiling. Not much raiding going on.
  • Spent loads of time and gold restructuring the business to its new expanded size of 11 functionable lvl 80+ characters.
  • Misplaced 37 mails with a full stock of enchant scrolls and gems to the nether vortex – along with approx. 42.000 gold. A GM is trying to fix the issue, but no luck yet.

Top 3 sellers

Top 3 sellers in week 52, filtered by professions only. If I didn’t filter by profession, the various low lvl dusts would win the race every week.


Top sellers last 7 days, filtered by professions

1st place: Potion of Mogu power


Strength potions always in demand

Always a strong seller, 422 potions sold in week 52 for a total of 2524g. Not bad for a single product in a slow raiding week. With a 5g98s average price it yields good returns, since it’s about 2g to craft one. I keep 400 in stock.

2nd place: Drums of Rage


My new favorite

Haven’t sold these prior to last week, and right up on 2nd place they go. With a crafting cost around 9g and an average selling price of 26g the profit margins of these are pretty good. 227 heroism-drums in a slow raiding-week is pretty good. I started by keeping 100 in stock, but upped it to 200 after a few days. These things are hot sellers.

3rd place: Virmen’s Bite


Also a strong seller, agility potions

While techincally it was Mogu Fish Stew, that is just me dumping all my personal consumables since progress is over. It is probably selling at a loss as well, since I bought them quite some time ago.
Next runner up is Virmen’s bite, the agility potions. Always in demand, I try to keep 400 of these in stock.



Turning the trend back around



With a few weeks behind me where I was spending like the US Government, I have now fallen back into the routine of business. I still have a huge stockpile somewhere in outer space, which hopefully a GM will return to me. With 300k in sales, 200k in purchases, last week saw 106k in profits, or around 15k/day. With holidays soon to be over, I expect sales to fall into their regular routine – peaking before and after raid-time, with increased activity on wednesdays.

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