January 1st – 2014 – Launch day

01 Jan

Happy new year!

Being a WoW raider and goblin, I need something to make the game challenging now that progress is over.


I think we did good this tier

Raiding-wise, i think Mists of Pandaria was a pretty good expansion, with lots of different bosses across the tiers. Goblin-wise, it’s been pretty good aswell – and we’ve also been given new markets to explore (battle pets).

This blog is a testament to a challenge I’ve given myself – to reach 5 million gold in World of Warcraft before Warlords of Draenor goes live. Current liquidity sits about 3.6 million, so that’s 1.4 million short.

I will of course not be selling or buying gold, as that is not how I roll.


Lunchmoney Enterprises liquidity since the birth of TSM_Accountant


Liquidity January 1st, 2014

I will be doing this with my in-game business-team, which will be presented in their own post.

I will focus on the tools for the job, the different markets that exists, trends and patterns, I will be analyzing professions and their different products, potential, and profits. There will also be auditing regularly.

This is no ‘from zero to hero’-stuff, since I got a pretty heavy platform already – it will instead be a journal about managing a business this size – and overcoming the challenges it faces.

There will also be focus on efficiency, since I do have a full-time job and like the occiational farm-raid- and don’t want to spend more time than nescessary on maintenance. I realize the above pictures paints a picture of someone living inside wow, but the account is a product of 9 years of gaming.

I feel that every noteworthy blog needs to have something of interest, so to celebrate the launch of this one – I will post my very own TSM 2 Guide, which I have been seeking myself – but never found.

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