Weekly roundup: Week 1 – 2014

05 Jan

After an expensive December, 2014 is all about making gold. This requires steady upkeep, market diversity, and proper analysis. Let’s see how Lunchmoney Enterprises did the first week of January.

General notes: Finally got back my lost stock of wares thanks to a GM. He had to delete some of my characters to restore stuff, send it on, then undelete them etc. Was quite a mess. Anyway, that was in influx of 42000g + a full stock of gems and enchants.

First, let’s look at some sales in the different departments:


Cooking sales: 5298g


Alchemy sales: 8619g


Blacksmithing sales: 38990g


Enchanting sales: 88736g


Engineering sales: 7084g


Inscription sales: 8892g


Jewelcrafting sales: 57043g


Leatherworking sales: 46095g


Tailoring sales: 1446g (this does not look good)

The cooking sales is just me dumping my raiding consumable stock, so I will not pay any attention to that.

Note: this is sales, not profits. I have a few markets I will analyze a bit closer – I suspect they are starting to become a waste of bagspace.

Now I want to take a closer look at Tier 1 PVP gear for all armor types:

Blacksmith PVP: 1632g
Blacksmith Masterwork tank gear: 1867g
Leatherworker PVP (leather + mail): 11442g
Tailoring: 0g

These numbers speak for themselves, the market for tailoring tier 1 PVP gear is completely dead. I’m closing that down and converting current stock to Ethereal shards. The LW market is very strong, BS I’m not so sure, but not ready to give it up quite yet.

Shutting down a market is really easy, I just locate the group – kill the auctioning and crafting operations, and swap mailing operation to send it to my disenchanter.


Kill auctioning


Kill crafting, and change mail-operation

Let’s look at tier 2 PVP gear. For tailoring and leatherworking I don’t have all these recipes yet, since I’ve been moving some professions around, so I need to keep that in mind.


Blacksmith tier 2 PVP: 4227g


Leatherworking tier 2 PVP: 10723g

Tailoring tier 2 PVP: 581g

Starting to see a trend here. Tailoring PVP gear is really not in demand. I will be shutting it down to not keep wasting bagspace and time on this market.

How about tier 3 PVP gear? None of my crafters has all of these recipes.


Blasmithing tier 3 PVP: 3066g

Leatherworking tier 3 PVP: 4139g
Tailoring tier 3 PVP: 815g

Further investigating this reveals that all tier 3 PVP tailoring sales are cloaks. I will just shut down the armor-portion of this, and try to sell the 5 different cloaks for a bit.


Old world enchanting mats

Disenchant shuffle turned 9392g profit last week, + 10 scrolls of Mongoose and Executioner yet to be sold. I like this niche-market very much.


A weekly profit of 126.648g, or 18092g/day

All in all pretty satisfied with the week. Also got back 42.000g, but they don’t show in this window as I don’t record money transfers. Tailoring PVP gear is out, but I will keep a few tier 3 cloaks to see if they can be sold.

Had to spend 164.000g on materials this week since my stock took a detour, but now that I got it back i probably can relax a bit on restocking JC and Enchanting for a while.

Lunchmoney Enterprises liquidity January 5th, 2014


3,741 million gold

Still some way to go to 5 million!


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