Back in business!

08 Dec

Just a heads up!

Now with World of Draenor launched, and garrisons and whatnot – I’ve decided to breathe some life into this blog again.

Will start by updating the TSM-guide, and move on to current business.


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One response to “Back in business!

  1. Zgstas

    04/01/2015 at 22:38

    I’m glad you’re back! Your guides really helped me get started up. I’m certainly not at the level where you are, nor did I progress as quickly, but I went from 0 to 130k gold in a couple of months. WoD really changed things around in many ways, so I’m curious to see how you’re handling it.

    Myself, I’ve been mainly buying/making cards & selling them as trinkets, made a bunch with trading post auctioneer parts, as well as alchemy. Enchanting is slow as hell as far as I can tell. Glyphs are also slow past the initial rush.


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