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TSM 2 Disenchant search shuffle polish

After some weeks of 90% disenchant search shuffling i was turning a very nice profit, but I started choking on strange and dream dust. Some fine-tuning was needed, as I couldn’t liquidate them fast enough.

Not being able to liquidate something is inherently worse than liquidating it @ a fraction of its value, since it clogs up your banks. With price sources heavily influenced by average selling price, the prices of these items doesn’t really drop that fast. This means I will keep buying items that disenchants into these dusts, and value them highly. I need to fix that.

Previously I stated that you couldn’t use a custom price as disenchant search value, but you can actually use Crafting Material Cost.


Like this

This links the price of the mats you get from disenchanting to this formula:


Hey, I know this guy

Which is kind of awesome, because that formula can be overridden in:


This also looks like familiar landscape

So we can now individually adjust the value for single items. I put 1% before the default formula in both Strange Dust and Dream Dust to stop TSM from making me buy items that disenchant into these mats.

What will this do to my auctioning-prices, you say? It’s like this, I reply:


The auctioning operation for liquidating old world enchanting mats

My auctioning operation tolerates 50% selling as the lowest price. I do this because the market for old world mats is not too big, and pretty volatile. If you insist on keeping Illusion dust at 25g a piece forever, you will burn in with thousands of them. And the point here is to liquidate quickly and move on. The 50% selling makes me able to liquidate in downturns in that particular market.


Zero value, but normal price

This tooltip illustrates pretty much everything. Mat cost is displayed at 1s70c, which is the value that TSM disenchant search will attribute to each dream dust potentially aquired through disenchanting. That basically means that items that DEs into dream dust will not make many appearances in my scans in the future.

But, the Auctioning Prices tell a different tale. Even though I value them at almost zero, I am still following the going market price when I’m selling them.

All in all, the strategy is working. I am not picking up anymore dream and strange dust from my DE searches, and I’m slowly but steady liquidating the stock I already got – at market price-ish.

I’ve also adjusted the value limit down from 90% to 60%, but now I am quickly running out of stuff to post – so I think I went a bit to far with 60%. I will try 80% for a while – to see how that goes.


Last week, new rules for 4 days if this week

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A millionaires guide to TradeSkillMaster 2

After TradeSkillMaster 2 launched, I was one of many who waited to see the guides created by the great mind of the goblin community to harness the power of this addon. While guides did appear, they were fragmented and of varying quality.



With progress being over, I got more game-time to spend on other things than a few months ago, and since I’ve given myself the challenge of hitting 5 million gold before next expansion – I figured I could try to write one of my own. TSM is constantly evolving, and so is my business – so this guide will never actually be complete.

Consider it work in progress. If there is some part you feels deserve more coverage or disagree with something, I would love the feedback in comments.


TSM 2 – The ultimate guide

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