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Back in business!

Just a heads up!

Now with World of Draenor launched, and garrisons and whatnot – I’ve decided to breathe some life into this blog again.

Will start by updating the TSM-guide, and move on to current business.


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A millionaires guide to TradeSkillMaster 2

After TradeSkillMaster 2 launched, I was one of many who waited to see the guides created by the great mind of the goblin community to harness the power of this addon. While guides did appear, they were fragmented and of varying quality.



With progress being over, I got more game-time to spend on other things than a few months ago, and since I’ve given myself the challenge of hitting 5 million gold before next expansion – I figured I could try to write one of my own. TSM is constantly evolving, and so is my business – so this guide will never actually be complete.

Consider it work in progress. If there is some part you feels deserve more coverage or disagree with something, I would love the feedback in comments.


TSM 2 – The ultimate guide

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January 1st – 2014 – Launch day

Happy new year!

Being a WoW raider and goblin, I need something to make the game challenging now that progress is over.


I think we did good this tier

Raiding-wise, i think Mists of Pandaria was a pretty good expansion, with lots of different bosses across the tiers. Goblin-wise, it’s been pretty good aswell – and we’ve also been given new markets to explore (battle pets).

This blog is a testament to a challenge I’ve given myself – to reach 5 million gold in World of Warcraft before Warlords of Draenor goes live. Current liquidity sits about 3.6 million, so that’s 1.4 million short.

I will of course not be selling or buying gold, as that is not how I roll.


Lunchmoney Enterprises liquidity since the birth of TSM_Accountant


Liquidity January 1st, 2014

I will be doing this with my in-game business-team, which will be presented in their own post.

I will focus on the tools for the job, the different markets that exists, trends and patterns, I will be analyzing professions and their different products, potential, and profits. There will also be auditing regularly.

This is no ‘from zero to hero’-stuff, since I got a pretty heavy platform already – it will instead be a journal about managing a business this size – and overcoming the challenges it faces.

There will also be focus on efficiency, since I do have a full-time job and like the occiational farm-raid- and don’t want to spend more time than nescessary on maintenance. I realize the above pictures paints a picture of someone living inside wow, but the account is a product of 9 years of gaming.

I feel that every noteworthy blog needs to have something of interest, so to celebrate the launch of this one – I will post my very own TSM 2 Guide, which I have been seeking myself – but never found.

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