Enchanting review

Enchanting is the ability to enchant weapons and armor with more and less powerful enchants. You also get the ability ‘Disenchant’ which extracts magic materials from magical weapons and armor – destroying them in the process. What about the ability to make some gold?


Enchanting and Disenchanting


Enchanting is an awesome profession. If I were to start fresh on a server, my first profession would be enchanting. To enchant ones gear becomes second nature when you’ve played the game for a while – so this profession is one of the few that have great synergy with actually just playing the game itself.

You level up, you loot greens and swap gear – and disenchant the remains. You can enchant your own gear, which is awesome. At max level you run dungeouns, and you can disenchant useless loot. Raid loot actually has decent disenchant-value aswell (crystals + raid reagent).

For the same reasons, enchanting automatically has very good synergy with the armor-crafting professions (Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing) because you mail off your levleing greenies to the enchanter to regain some of the value.

Enchanting and Jewelcrafting are also the 2 vital professions for the shuffle, which is some of the best synergy invented in wow gold making.

Business potential

Enchanting is one of my top monyemakers, and also one of the outlets of excessive shuffle-byproducts. I keep a large stock of materials in my bank for buffer, and keep replenishing it constantly with the cheapest mats from AH. This is my enchanting-group, containing all the items I currently sell.


My enchanting merchandize

I split them of course further down into epics and high and low sellers subgroups. Enchants are always in demand, and some are a lot more heavy sellers than others.


How items compare against eachother

Tracking sales for a few weeks to figure out what kind of stock to keep of each scroll is a good idea. Enchants are nice and stacks to 20, so that’s a nice number for the more popluar ones. I use 40,20,10,and 5 for the different types of demand.

I also sell the mongoose and executioner-enchants from TBC, and while they are slow sellers – they will surprise you with moments like these.


Mongoose in demand

No problem to keep a stack of these in stock, just don’t go overboard on hoarding these materials – as they take a lot of space.


Enchanting sales

The sum of enchanting sales quickly stack up to significant amounts, but remember that sales is not the same as profits.

Enchanting also gives you access to do the disenchant search shuffle, which could be a major boost for a lone character with a little bit of working capital.


While enchanting scrolls stacks to 20 and take little space, the mats themselves can bloat a bit. Having 20.000 spirit dust lying around can be a bit of a hassle to store. One learns to cope.

Like jewelcrafting, enchanting is a profession that require a large working capital – at least for a full stock. 20 of each scroll is worth quite a bit of gold, and a bank full of crystals, shards, and essences can also bind up quite a bit of your capital.

Other than that, it’s very tidy as a crafting profession. Few mats, few recipes, and the annoying vendor-reagent can be bought on your Yak or Mammoth – which is nice.



  • Great profit potential
  • Very independent, while providing great synergy
  • Gives access to disenchant search shuffle
  • One of the 2 legs of the ore shuffle
  • Tidy


  • Binds up quite a bit of working capital
  • Dusts can bloat

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