TradeSkillMaster 2 – The ultimate guide

So, what is TradeSkillMaster 2, and why do we need a guide for it?



TradeSkillMaster 2 is a programming effort from Sapu94 and his team. It’s built on top of an old addon called Auction Profit Master, but has now evolved into a multi-headed hydra of business-related addons with a complete code rewrite for version 2.0. However, old fossils like myself can now and again see glimpses of APMs DNA in the code, if only in a positive, nostalgic note. All hats off to the author and his contributors – the amount of polish this addon gets not often matched in the WOW addon universe.

Due to the love this addon gets from it developers, this guide will be constantly changing with the tides.

It consists mainly of 2 parts. An application that runs in the background in windows, and the in-game part which consists of the main addon + all its modules.

The application that keeps running in the background fetches auction house data from the server of your choice through Blizzards own API approx. once every hour, which in turn can be imported in-game through the addon to keep your prices up to date. Genius.
You need to make an account over at to get started, which there is absolutely no reason not to do.
The app is completely silent, and not even remotely annoying.

The in-game part of TradeSkillMaster handles every aspect of your in-game business.

  • AuctionDB: Correct pricing (with your oversight, of course). Imports data from the application running in the background.
  • Mailing: Distribution of items (raw materials or goods ready for sale, where to send, and how many?)
  • Destroying: Destruction (Milling, Prospecting, Disenchanting)
  • Crafting: Production (how many [Enchant Boots – Pandaren’s Step] do you want to keep in stock. Is this helm profitable to craft?)
  • Auctioning: Sales (How many should I post, and at what price?)
  • ItemTracker: Inventory (How many of X item do I have? What alt has extra of Y? Where are my herbs?)
  • Accounting: Keeps record of everything of value. (How has this item been selling the last month?)
  • Shopping: (I need 1000 ore at the best price available. Is this a good deal? What items can I buy and Disenchant for a profit? What am I missing to finish my crafting queue?)
  • Warehousing: Moves pre-set amounts of items from bags to bank to gbank at your command.
  • Additions: Some quality of life enhancements
  • wowuction: Second database to hook up to for AH data. This source spans whole regions, not only a few servers.

In-game it features its own crafting window (through the crafting-module), its own mailbox window (through the mailing-module) and of course its own auction house tabs.

Some time back I would as many others argue the nescessity of some other addons to compliment the TSM-suite, but over time it has become so good that support-addons like MailOpener, Auctioneer, Auctionator, etc. are not needed anymore. Plus, learning to use all the TSM-modules together creates a form of synergy that makes it feel like a proper business.

The accountant-module can be fun to scrutinize on late nights when you have some free time, analyzing the different markets – where profit is good, what is just a waste of bagspace and time, what activities to prioritize if you are time constrained, etc.

If your plan is to sell a handful of scrolls on the auction house every week to afford repairs, you can probably do without TSM. Or you could do it with, which would also make your life easier than it is now.

But if your plan is – like me – to be the Wal-Mart of your server, to line up shops with your streamlined merchandize, distribute stuff like, while all the same value your time (raids? PVP? maybe even a touch of real-life activities?) – TSM is the way to go.

What at first can seem to be a mind-boggling amount of options to tweak in this addon, its clever modular build-up makes you do most of the heavy lifting during the first hours/days – leaving only minor tweaking in the long run. We’ll go through them step by step.

Part 1: Initial setup
Part 2: General options, profile, tooltip options
Part 3: Groups
Part 4: Crafting operations
Part 5: Mailing operations (distribution)
Part 6: The Janitor – Christmas special
Part 7: Price sources, custom price sources
Part 8: Auctioning operations
Part 9: Shopping operations
Part 10: Restocking the TSM crafting queue
Part 11: The circle of profit
Part 12: Accounting: auditing you!
Part 13: Relationships
Part 14: Custom material pricing
Part 15: TSM_Additions
Part 16: and TSM_wowuction


9 responses to “TradeSkillMaster 2 – The ultimate guide

  1. Anonymous

    02/01/2014 at 23:08

    Thanks for putting in all the hard work on this guide! Been playing WoW since Vanilla but am new to playing the AH Marketplace. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more articles. I’ve got the site bookmarked!

    Take it easy!
    A goblin on Earthen Ring H-US

  2. Jack

    14/08/2014 at 11:26

    This guide is amazing! Thank you for putting so much effort into helping out ‘baby goblins’ such as myself.

  3. Pendragon

    04/06/2016 at 23:55

    Lovely guide, please do keep it active 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    25/07/2016 at 02:55

    holy shit you people have way too much time on your hands

  5. sidax

    09/04/2017 at 16:09

    amazing guide but i can’t find TSM_ItemTracker to make craft gathering


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