Part 10: Restocking the TSM crafting queue

This kind of feels like building a business in reverse. Price strategies and distribution networks before production. What does it look like on ‘the floor’ in our factories?


Selecting all groups and pressing “Restock Selected Groups” gives one queue containing all crafts from all professions, split by profession in the top right overview.

When you open a profession-window (any prof on any alt), you will be met by TSMs overlay – but you knew this by now. To restock our entire business, we select TSM Groups up top – make sure we select all the groups, then press ‘Restock Selected Groups’. If you want to omit a single profession for this process, a single left click in its group will discount it. The same technique can also be used to only restock a single profession.
A queue similar to the one in the right window will appear, split into the different professions.

Bottom right is the total list of all materials needed.
Green means ok, you got them all in your bag.
Yellow is semi-ok, you own everything you need – but it’s spread to mailbox/bank/gbank/alts. You need to fetch them.
Red items (at the bottom, not shown in this screen) you don’t own enough of. You need to produce more raw materials through either crafting or shopping, or both.

When you swap character, the queue remains intact (across the same profile, remember) so you can eat your way through it – mailing off produced items as you go to your banks! Debris caught in the machinery will be dispatched to the janitor for safe disposal without involving the HR-department.


Some restocking of gems going on

If you keep most of your raw materials in bank/gbank – you should use the ‘Gather‘ button up top of this window. Press that first, then go open your bank (if that’s where you keep your stuff). You can then click ‘Gather items’ to pick up all that you need, but nothing extra. Brilliant for raw materials like gems, leather, enchanting mats, vials (works on vendors as well for buying vials and vellums).

From here on out it’s just spamming on that ‘Craft Next‘-button until the queue is complete for all professions on that character. Find a mailbox and let TSM mail it to where it belongs. Done. With some practice this process is really fast when first set up. It’s like a McDonald’s, and you’re the king clown.

Part 11: The circle of profit


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    30/10/2015 at 13:17

    I love this blog


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