Part 11: The circle of profit

So, the basics are all set up. Your ecosystem has legs. The business model is complete. We need to open the doors and let our customers relish in our superior quality merchandize. Time to put it all to the test, how does one go about it?


Lunchmoney Enterprises liquidity graph

Depending on the size of your business, there are some things you should be aware of. The most important one is: Expired auctions on your banks goes into a black hole until you collect the expired mail. This means that TSM_Itemtracker keeps track of everything you own, except these items. How do you work around this? Easy:
Considering that all in-game businesses needs to have the follwing institutions operational:

  • Bankers
  • Crafters
  • Shoppers
  • A Janitor

The numbers will vary, and sometimes one character will have multiple roles, but the principle remains the same.

  1. Log on banker, go to the auction house, press cancel up to short auctions (less than 30 minutes left). If you are NOT crafting this session, cancelling can be skipped.


    Cancelling all auctions with less than 30 minutes left. This is NOT for profit, this is to ensure an accurate crafting queue.

  2. Collect all mail.


    Collecting all mail, zzz. Reload. Reload. Reload. SSD drive helps here.

  3. Repeat 1-2 for all your bankers (I use 4 myself) All debris caught in the machinery gets automailed to the janitor for due process.
  4. Log the janitor, collect mail, and press mail. This will distribute surplus merchandize the janitor may be holding for the banks.
  5. Log on to first crafter, open whatever profession, select TSM Groups, highlight all groups, press Restock Selected Groups. This process (Step 1 thru 4) can not take longer than 30 minutes from your first banker. If it does, you need to start cancelling up to medium duration (2 hours).


    A full crafting queue for all professions

And there you have it. An updated crafting list for all characters, not just the one you are logged in on. Now the auctions on your bankers can expire all they want, because you have made your crafting queue.

Now you can proceed to log through all your crafters, open their respective profession-windows, gather materials needed, craft whats missing, and click TSM Mailing to mail them to the correct places for you. This session can take as long as you like, the important part is that it CAN go really fast.

At this point you are done with the routine side of things, any excess time you can/want to dedicate to maintaining stock levels and expanding your business is spent here – after ensuring a smooth operation of the business you already got!

When you have cycled through all crafters to create missing items and mailed them off, you can log your bankers in order, doing a full post scan – which looks something like this:


Normal, everyday posting cycle from a main banker

Here you can pay attention to what auctioning operation affects each item, what the outcome is – and what price we’re talking about. Important messages are also delivered here. The ‘Your Buyout‘-column can be flipped to show ‘Lowest Buyout‘ instead.

Now on to click that ‘Post‘-button 2-300 times .. on all bankers..

Part 13: Accounting: auditing you!


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