Part 16: and TSM_wowuction

A seasoned goblin would maybe notice the absence of a final module of TSM, the TSM_wowuction. is a website that looks like this:


This too is a gigantic database of live auction house stats from an enormous span of servers. After choosing your realm it can show you tons of information about prices and trends, and even a dealfinding-page based on history and trending. I’m no avid user, so there are far better places to learn about this site. After logging in (you can use facebook/google), you can go to:


Data exporting from

Resources -> Data Export to get an api key for TSM 2 that you can paste in:


TSM + wowuction

And now you can download the module TSM_wowuction to get access to wowuction-data in-game.

This means that you get several new tooltip options you can show ingame:


wowuction tooltips available

and with all of them enabled, it pretty much looks like this:


wowuction prices and availability

In addition, you get 4 more price sources to play with:

wowuctionMarket: Realm market price
wowuctionMedian: Realm median price
wowuctionRegionMarket: Region market price
wowuctionRegionMedian: Region median price

My take on wowuction

I have to admit I haven’t been using this before, but for the purpose of this guide I installed and tested it a bit. The purpose is the same as auctionDB, gather price info from AH markets and make them available through price source strings. I focused on all the other aspects of this addon after getting auctionDB up to sync, that I really never got to the point where I knew I was missing something.

The first thing I noticed about this module was the increase in game loading time. To me it looks like it imports loads more data than auctionDB, and the two of them combined really do impact my PCs performance. I got a i7-2600K @ 4ghz and 8gb RAM. The game itself is on an SSD. For me, this module really had to make a difference for me to consider using it.

As a free market – the wow economy is really quite a good example of an economy without much outside interference. There is a 5% sales tax, but that’s about it. There are basically no regulations, subsidies, sanctions, and physical coercion is virtually impossible since it’s a computer game. I think Ludvig von Mises would enjoy playing the wow AH game. In wow, demand really drives supply.

I do not, however, believe much in the relationship between cross-server prices. I can’t see how the prices of Sylvanas Green Tea Leafs be of any significance to the price of Ravencrest ones. There could be some correlation between quantity and demand across servers, but then again it may not. The servers are very different in the number of people on them, the type of activity going on, and the amount of chinese farmers supplying the AH with endless supply of raw materials.

Other than some super serious fallback-failsafe for certain items, I can’t see the string wowuctionRegionMarket or wowuctionRegionMedian doing me much good other than curiosity. That leaves wowuctionMarket and wowuctionMedian to change my mind. Most of the time it was pretty in sync with auctionDB, other times it way overshot, and other times vice versa. To me it seems like the equal amount of rng to get a ‘bad price’ from wowuction as from auctionDB.

The website got this dealfinding-page, and I tried to find some other added function to the addon other than these price sources, but I didn’t find any. This, combined with the (really noticable) increase in /reload-time has made me decide to not use this module.

The ultimate failsafe-price would be really nice to have, but 3 seconds extra to reload? Not for me.


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