Part 9: Shopping operations

The bigger your business, the more mats you consume on a daily basis. This means you need to do some heavy bulk purchases every now and then. We’ve already covered how things gets priced – i.e. get their ‘matPrice’.
An items ‘matPrice’ is 100% of its value.

We need to set up a shopping operation. A shopping operation defines how much you are willing to pay for an item, and also if you are willing to pay MORE to obtain them. They are very straightforward and easy.
Shopping operations can be attached to any groups, but the logical way to use them is to attach them to groups containing mats you frequently use, as in current-expansion herbs, enchant mats, gems, ore, bars, leather, ++


Shopping operations main window

I basically only use 1 shopping operation, and that 100% matPrice, with “Show Auctions Above Max Price” activated – so I can get a feel for how the market is flowing. I like to be a certain amount of involved when i bulk-shop for several hundreds of thousands of gold on AH, so this is how I do it.

I attach this simple operation to all my groups containing materials I buy – and Auction House ends up looking something like this:


Multiple groups with shopping operations selected. The different groups can be selected and deselected at will. These groups all have the same shopping operation

To the right I got all the categories of materials, and I can select and deselect at will – scanning for only those i intend to purchase, or all of them to get the lay of the land.


Results will start appearing in the main window, giving you an easy indicator of price level

Items will start to show up like this, a familiar view if you have been using auctioneer and the sorts earlier. The % value in the right column represent the value compared to the value you defined in the items shopping operation – matPrice in this example, which is really a call to the Default Material Cost Method which really is first(min(vendorbuy,buying,avgbuy,crafting),selling,avgsell,dbmarket,dbminbuyout) – unless you have made a custom price for that particular item.

This is how all of this stuff connects together. Follow the [White Rabbit].

Shopping is a pretty straightforward process after your price sources are set up properly, and you can observe how the matPrice of i.e. Ghost Iron Ore slowly changes as you loot mail with ore purchased at a different price than earlier (if your matPrice-formula accounts for AvgBuy, which mine does).
Note that this happens during mailbox-looting, not the process of buyout. Watch the tooltip to observe it real-time.

Part 10: Restocking the TSM crafting queue


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