Part 1: Initial setup

There is no reason to use the TSM suite half-arsed. The TSM Application needs to be installed to goblin properly. The how-to and whatnot can be sorted out over @
Create an account, download the application, and install. Configure it to your game-installation folder, and select the correct server.


TSM application main window


TSM application AuctionDB updater window

The App should be running in the background like this. I don’t use dealfinding, and the backup-option is .. well, optional. I make it do a backup every 12 hours, and keep them for 7 days.

When you are done with this and the TSM App runs smoothly in the background, it’s on to step 2: Curse Client


All TSM addons

Install these addons. When that is done, it’s time to go in-game to start building our empire,
in Part 2: General options, profile, tooltip options 


2 responses to “Part 1: Initial setup

  1. Greg Renfroe

    13/01/2018 at 21:17

    Takes in what I have watched in several video introduction to setting up the program from 5-8 minutes to a quick 3 minute read. GREAT JOB!!!


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