Part 2: General options, profile, tooltip options

Some things are just nice to get out of the way, and these are some of them.
For newcomers, TSM can be very intimidating – so a nice way to counter that is to poke a bit around and set up some of the easy, but important settings.

/tsm will open this window:


TSM main window

You will start at the first tab, the main tab. Start by clicking the profile-tab, and make a profile which you will use on all your characters involved in the business. Remember to swap to this correct profile the first time you log on to all your alts.

Note the tab called Custom Price Sources here in red, we will be spending some time here in the future.

When you got your new profile made and loaded, press the forth icon, the engineering wheel – to get tooltip options.


Tooltip options

Display Group/Operation Info in tooltip
is a must for newcomers and veterans alike. You will lose items that you have no idea where have gone – and this is a lifesaver. It’s also a quick microscope into the whole ecosystem around an item.

Display disenchant value in tooltip
of course you want this.

Disenchant source
This is a bit more tricky. We will come back to this later, but if you got a relatively fresh setup of TSM, you should set this at AuctionDB – Market Value for now.
The latter two are a matter of preference, I usually have them both off. Vendor sell price can be handy if you are investigation the possibilty of vendoring shuffle-jewelery in case of rocket cheap enchanting mats on AH.

Work your way through the tabs (Accounting, AuctionDB, .. etc) and basically enable everything.
Set the Itemtracker Tooltip to Full. You basically want as much info in the tooltip as possible.
When you don’t need these tooltips anymore you will know – and can remove them.
You will not, however, know what info you are missing now in these early stages. An informative tooltip is a lifesaver in most cases.


An informative tooltip. I have no further questions about Sha Armor Kits. Consider me: informed.

If you feel that the immense size of the tooltip is a problem, I don’t really know what to tell you. Someone, somewhere probably has a solution to this problem – but it is really not of my concern.

Now that you got the basics sorted, it’s time to move on to the fundamental building blocks,
over at Part 3: Groups


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