Part 4: Crafting operations

Ok, so you got some groups set up. Professions nicely separated, orange gem-cuts separated from the blue ones, belt buckles got their own group under blacksmithing, and all PVP-gear is sorted by tier in their own subgroups. The next step is operations, the preset commands that will make the business run itself.

Let’s have a closer look. We got 5 different types of operations, all handling their own side of the business:

  • Crafting
  • Mailing
  • Auctioning
  • Shopping
  • Warehousing

Let’s start with crafting. Open TSM main window, press the third icon (the bolts), and then the crafting tab.
You make new operations by clicking ‘Operations‘ to the left, then assigning a name to a new operation.
You can make as many operations as you possibly want, and they won’t do anything until you have actually assigned them to a group.


Crafting operations main window

I try to give my crafting operations logical names, like X|Y|Z
X = Minimum restock amount (how many must have been sold before I queue new)
Y = Maximum restock amount (how many to craft total? Including alts, banks, gbanks, ah)
Z = Minimum profit to queue, if any

So what is a crafting operation? When you open your profession-window, press TSM groups, highlights some or all of them, and press ‘Restock Selected Groups’, TSM will execute all crafting operations attached to the highlighted groups.

If Sha Armor Kit is in a group with an operation to craft 20 of whatever is in that group – TSM will check how many you got (bank, gbank, alt, ah), deduct it from 20 – and queue up the remainder in your profession-window.

Take the picture above. I like to keep a healthy stock of stuff that stacks, i.e. enchants – so I’ve made this crafting operation which I’ve called 2|20. It will craft up to 20 of all items in corresponding groups, if the total stock among all characters are 18 or less.
So, if I got 20 of it on my bank-alt, it does nothing.
If I got 10 of it on my bank-alt, it queues up 10.
If I got 8 on my bank-alt, 2 in the gbank, 2 in the bank, and 3 in the mail, it will queue up 5. (8+2+2+3+5=20)

I also use this same operation for gems that are selling well, because the purpose is the same. Craft 20 of each. The operation doesn’t care if it’s being used on gems or enchanting scrolls. An operation is like a non-affiliated gangster, a mercenary for hire.

Now, for some items you want very different operations.
Rare PVP armor will clutter your bags very quick, so I prefer to only craft 1 of each item – which is the operation 1|1 is for.

100|400 (Craft up to 400 if inventory total is 300 or less) is used for popular potions (raid potions), while 10|60 is for the less popular ones.

The last option you can fiddle with is the minimum profit setting. This can ensure that you will only queue up crafts if TSM deems them profitable. This in turn is 100% dependant on you setting up formulas later that match your business, so while this setting is very handy, it has certain challenges to it – which is why it’s best to just leave it off in the beginning to get started. It may end up sabotaging you. We will revisit it later.

To sum up: Imagine all the items you want to craft, then imagine how many you want to keep circulating in your own economy before crafting new ones. Then consider how many you should have sold before queueing new crafts (queueing single crafts can get boring for gems and enchants), and make operations thereafter. The ones pictured above covers most of my crafting needs.

Crafting operations are essentialy a part of your business strategy – which is not of my concern. I’m only presenting the tools, providing an example.

Part 5: Mailing operations (distribution)


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