Part 5: Mailing operations (distribution)

Mailing operations are vital to keep things flowing through your business the way it should. TSM_Mailing is FedEX. If you got raiding characters you don’t want all of your consumables to get mailed off for sales every time you visit the mailbox. Proper mailing operations takes care of all of this.

Typical problems that can be solved by clever mailing-operations:

  • I have an engineer and blacksmith that both uses ghost iron bars. I want to keep like 200 on the engineer for small crafts, but the bulk of it sent to the blacksmith. I want this process automated.
  • I got 3 active banks and want all of them to sell belt buckles due to the heavy sales volume.
  • I got 1 alchemist that makes potions, she consumes a lot of herbs, then I got another that makes flasks, he doesn’t use quite as many, and lastly I got a scribe who likes to mill surplus herbs when stuff is really cheap. I really don’t want to be sorting them, but I don’t want to mill herbs I don’t have at least 500 of in reserve.
  • I got 11 transmuters and need 6 trillium bars distributed daily to all of them. And the living steel mailed back to the blacksmith.
  • I hate sorting through bags after boosting someone through low lvl stuff, removing clutter and disenchantables.
  • I craft 20 of each gem, but sometimes i reset markets and can buy up to 60 of cuts I already got. This clutters up my bank-alt bags pretty quickly.

All easily solvable problems with proper mailing. Let’s take a look:


Mailing operations main window

This is what you need. This is a bit tedious, but the good news is that you only have to do it once.
For all your characters, make operations to mail 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,20,40,60,100,200,400 like in the picture above.

Now we can do stuff like this: In a group I got 3 rare shields that sell really well. I have set my group to craft 3 of each shield, so my blacksmith will produce that automatically. Now I want to send 1 of each shield to each of my 3 active banks. How would I go about that? Like this:


BOE shield distribution

First I select the operation “Kuffar|1” which will mail 1 of each item in the group to Kuffar. There are 3 shields in that group, so Kuffar will recieve 1 of each.
Then I press “Add Additional Operation” and select “Astroturd|1” which will make sure Astroturd recieves 1 of each as well, but only after Kuffar has gotten his. Since he’s listed first, he’s got priority.
Lastly we add another operation “Lunchmoney|1” which sends 1 of each shield to Lunchmoney if the other 2 banks have theirs already.

For the trillium bars, you can add 10 operations, mailing 6 trillium bars to each of your chars, before adding an 11th operation to send the surplus (back) to your blacksmith. Like this:


10x daily transmute needs daily fuel

Now, when I log on my blacksmith who got like 200 trillium bars lying around in her bags – and press the mailing-button, I will distribute 6 trillium bars to each of my transmuters.

For herbs, you can mail 100 of each herb to you flask-maker, along with all golden lotuses, then 400 of each herb to your potion-maker, and any surplus above that goes to the miller to not clog the system. If you buy 2000 cheap herbs on AH one day, it will automatically distribute them in this way. In my case my flask master and miller are the same char, so it looks like this:


100 to elixirmaster, 400 to potmaster, rest to scribe (which happens to be the elixirmaster)

For each group you got, think about what’s in that group – where do you want those items distributed, and how many? Set up mailing operations to fit your plan, and remember that subgroups inherit their parents operations.

It is perfectly normal to single out items in sub-group only to be able to add different mailing operations to them. Imagine wanting 20 INT flasks on your raiding healer, but your banker also wants 20 to sell. Create a sub-group in “Flasks” for that flask only, and swap crafting operation to craft 40, and put your raiders mailing operation on top of your banker – to prioritize the raiding healer.


All in a blink of an eye

Not having to think about stuff owns. At this point you can start breathing through the mouth if you want.

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