Part 6: The Janitor (christmas special)

This was not really intended as a part of the guide, but the more I think about it – the Janitor has evolved to be a complete nescessity in my business – and regardless of playstyle (raids, PVP, AH only, pet battling, afking, farming) you will always be better off with the services of the Janitor. A character has only an opportunity cost, so there is no reason not to have one.

What does a janitor do? Well, he makes sure stuff runs as it should. He makes sure the tires on the bus got air, he un-clogs the toilet, he stocks the fridge for the teachers lounge, he paints the shed, mows the ¤!”#¤ lawn, and you don’t really give a shit about him until you actually need him. Meet my janitor.


Marvel’s The Janitor

This is my janitor. It’s a level 85 hunter, currently pretty unused except for alchemy-transmute. Anything with huge bags situated in a major town can function as a janitor.

So let’s talk a bit more about what the janitor does. Picture the following scenarios:

  • You leveled 6 professions on 4 different alts. They made millions of green items which got automailed to you enchanter for DEing, and now you got a ton of oldschool materials that does indeed have some value, but can take a while to sell, and 600 arcane dust does take some space. It will clog up your main banks completely.
    Solution: All the groups with old world materials for all professions have default mailing operation to mail all such stuff to the Janitor.
  • You keep 20 of each gem, but recently someone misposted tons of gems very cheap, so you bought out 400 assorted gems with good resale value. You don’t want to keep 100 of some cuts on your main banker – because wasted bagspace = wasted time and profits.
    Solution: In ALL your groups with items you actively sell, always add another mailing-operation below your bankers – mailing all the surplus (i.e. all above 20 of each gem) to the Janitor. In fact, most of your groups should have a fallback mailing operation to your janitor.


    Standard flood-control for merchandize

  • TSM had a moment (it happens, it is smarter than you), tricking you into crafting double of all PVP armor ingame. That’s like 200 items you now got to deal with. If only they stacked.
    Solution: same as the one over. Janitor can act as a buffer on bagspace until you start selling stuff off. Mail 1 to banker, rest to the janitor.
  • You ran your girlfriend through 14 different low lvl instances for transmog lols, and now your bags are stuffed with vanilla herbs, some silk cloth, iridescent pearls, thick leather, a few crap potions you will never use + some dark iron ore and whatnot.
    Solution: One click at the mailbox, and all this excess low-value stuff gets mailed to the Janitor for disposal at your discretion.

A janitors priorities are:

  1. Acting as a buffer for the main banks
  2. Liquidation of low-value assets
  3. Turning a profit

This may seem unlogical, but it is really not. When your in-game business grows to Wal-Mart size, you don’t have 5 minutes for 14 days straight to make sure you get at LEAST 20g/stack in return for that nice fluffy wool cloth you aquired at a poker game. No, you need to dump it ASAP, and free up that bag-space for more valueable stuff. If it fetches you a little something, it’s a bonus.



When properly set up, whatever you have been doing on your other characters – after one trip to the mailbox pressing ‘Mail Selected Groups’ you will distribute valuable items to where they are supposed to go, and mailing old junk + surplus items to the janitor. The janitor will process these items swiftly, and liquidate them.

That takes care of mailing – and no character carries unnescessary stuff from this point in time. You will make proper mailing operations to everything to take care of this.
Exception being the janitor, which has all kinds of crap on him. Some proper auctioning operation will liquidate this stuff pretty easy, but there is one area we need to visit first:

Part 7: Price sources, custom price sources


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